Want to Get Ahead With Analytics and Data
But Stuck With Spreadsheets?

Business analysts need to see all relevant data irrespective of size and complexity



When Excel is not enough and
data engineers are too busy!

AnySizeView Helps Managing Data when Excel Reaches Its Limits


Overcome the Limits of Excel When Managing Data

You need to see all relevant data to take full advantage of your data and quickly extract all the knowledge and value from it.

When data sets become bigger and more complex, spreadsheet technology reaches its limits.

However, the next level requires analyst to use data engineering to get what they want and need.

Interactions with data engineering or IT slows analytics down and causes friction.

This is why we developed AnySizeView to allow analysts handle and operate large and complex data 100% code free!

Working Data Permissionless

Accessing data is difficult for analysts as they often need to ask IT or request data engineering service.

This often results in a data request ping pong as analyst need to specify their request without fully understand what their data really is.

Thus, prior to detailing and structuring data for any purpose, analyst need to see what is 100%.

When browsing 100% data, analyst often realize the quality status of their data.

This is why AnySizeView fosters profitability as it allows for early judgement of any data project.

Hardware Must Not Limit Data Access

Most analyst are limited to their local computing power as scalable cloud computing is not for everyone.

As many data sets require massive compute power, hardware needs to scale with the requirements.

However, this means for analyst contacting data engineering or IT and often it results in project work.

Moreover, hardware requirements for operating data is difficult to judge for analyst.

This is why AnySizeView runs on scalable cloud infrastructure avoiding bottlenecks of your local machines.

How does it work!

AnySizeView is a Software as a Service solution operating on Azure.

We provide integrations with most common cloud data bases and data warehouses such as Microsoft SQL server or Google Big Query.

You can also connect spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or other local data sources via .csv upload.

Data bases are connected and allow you to select the set of data you may wish to work.

AnySizeView uses your data only during running the application and does not store your data in any form.



Explore Data of Any Size on Your Screen

Do no limit yourself by spreadsheet capacities or the computer power of your hardware.


Can Be Connected to Many Data Sources

AnySizeView connects to all common data sources such as MSSQL, Excel, BigQuery, Snowflake and many more


Explore Your Data With Clicks not With Code

AnySzieView applies a unique view to handle very large data sets compressed on one screen.


Use Extended BI Functionality on All Data

Work your data set with Excel-type business intelligence functions


Clean, adjust and modify your data

Clean your data sets to ensure excellent quality as a business foundation.


Log all modifications to document changes

All data modifications are documented to understand what was going on.

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