Story and Vision

Dispodyne has initially been assembled on the notion that a multi-disciplinary team with complementary competences can achieve a lot. We started with process mining for supply chain and offered it as a service and later-on with some algorithmic content. We learned that accessing supply chain data for insight and improvement is heavy lifting and many firms are unprepared in terms data availability and consistency. We turned then to e-commerce as data availability seemed much easier which lowers entry barriers for everyone. However, we noticed many e-commerce suffered severe data consistency issues. We also learned about the complexity of omni-channel demand and supply planning and how digital native vertical brands started to conquer markets often with just some spreadsheets to plan and run multi-million dollar business growing quickly. Finally, we needed to acknowledge that demand supply planning is methodologically complex which made our product more complex to explain. Selling the product became more difficult than we initially thought.

We believe that technologies such as predictive analytics are effective for firms when they are use case specific, tailor-made for specific customer segments and provide a comprehensive  experience. Thus, we focus our technology on e-commerce firms that operate direct-to-consumer (DTC) in an omni-channel environment. Our vision is to deliver a product characterized by expressive data and ease of use that continuously adapts to the planers needs and preferences. It must cover their use cases best and delivers analytics and prediction with leading edge technology that adapts agile to their ever changing needs with abundant data and resources to be included.


The Team

Robert K. Diab

Co-Founder and Head of Product. Robert has left his corporate life to become an entrepreneur and get something new into the world. He is enthusiastic to learn how to get technology  into firms and innovation into markets.


Dr. Jan Philipp Hummen,

Co-Founder and CTO. Jan Philipp started his own business early. Has focused most of his business life on extracting insight from data and using math to speed this up.